Ready to get your message out to the world?

Figure Out Your Messaging, Your Marketing
& Your Partnerships Over the Next 90 Days

Dear Coach and Course Creator,

I was talking to one of my students this week... Ruby Williams who helps people get alcohol free... and she was telling me about one of her students.

Her student is only 30 days into her 90 day program, and guess what?

They are completely changing their life, and the lives of those around them.

In fact, their spouse is also jumping in to go alcohol free!

Think of the ripple effect this is having on their family and friends, on their co-workers, on everyone around them!

This is why we do courses and programs!

To help people make a change.

Imagine if Ruby hadn't put in all the work to create her program?

What if we hadn't figured out the messaging?

Or if we hadn't gotten the sales page, and the offer page, and the tech working?

Or if she hadn't done the promotion at all!

None of these life-changing events would have happened.

I know, deep in my bones, that this is my mission.

To help you have this kind of impact.

To help you figure out your messaging.

To help you with the tech.

And to make these kinds of miracles appear in our world.

Are you ready to reach more people... and help them make changes to their lives? To improve their families? And maybe even change their world?

I want to help.

Course Sales Launchpad to the Rescue!

Let's work together to sell your online course!

We start with messaging...

How do you make an incredible offer?

How do you talk about your course and coaching?

How do you put it all together in a persuasive page?

Use my step-by-step template to create your first draft, and then when you want some feedback and advice, bring it to one of the bi-weekly coaching calls to chat about it.

Then we work on nurturing...

What if people aren't ready to buy? YET.

You need ways to connect with them.

You need ways to continue the conversation.

You need ways to share your wisdom and brilliance.

To build that belief in you!

How? With your emails.

We'll work through all the steps of a persuasive lead magnet, a funnel and offering your course or coaching.

Then how do you find your future students?

One way is with partners and collaborations.

This is my favorite way.

So much so that I've got 10 different ways to partner, plus detailed playbooks to walk you through exactly what to do!

It's a complete program to get you started selling!

If you are not sure where to focus next...

There is an order that works better... there are things you need to be doing first, and things that can wait until later.

I've pulled out the essentials for you...

... and put them into step-by-step training!

These are the three essential pieces: traffic, leads and conversions... and this program walks you through all three of them.

Plus LIVE coaching with me (Julie Hood of Course Creators HQ) AND AI integration to make it faster and easier.

Your Image

Use Sales Page Creation Secrets to build your high-converting messaging with the easy-to-use template for Conversions.

Then build a lead magnet and your email newsletter for Leads.

Send mountains of Traffic as you build out collaborations and joint ventures.

Let's get your foundation

in place to sell your course!

Here's how this membership works:

We do a 3-month rotation of courses and live coaching.

Month 1: Sales Pages Secrets

Month 2: Effortless Email Marketing

Month 3: Joint Venture Secrets

Then the next month, we restart.

You can join at any time, and cancel anytime!

Coaching calls are held at 6 pm Eastern on Tuesdays (replays will be provided + submit questions by email)!

On Thursdays, we have an audio-only call at 10 am Eastern (yay! No hair and makeup!)

Refund Policy - if in the first 14 days, you realize this training is not for you, email us and we will send a full refund!

Please note: you are purchasing a membership for access to the courses and training. Lifetime access to each course is at the full price.

Regularly $497 per course... but you'll get access for only $147 each month! That's a savings of 71% off the full price.

And save even more during this special promo period!

Use coupon code SELL2024 to save $50 each month and pay only $97!

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